I was born on 8th of August along with three sisters and a brother. I donít remember it but my mother told me. She is called Megan and she is black and white and has beautiful blue eyes. She works for the Boss, helping with the sheep. She says sheep are very important. Iím not allowed to go near them yet but sometimes I see them from the yard and smell them and it makes me feel all funny and excited.

My sister Nellie, who is about three years older than me, also works on the farm. She is really clever and funny. Sometimes she is naughty but if the Bosses are cross, she just grins at them and they canít stay cross with her.

This is my mother, Megan, with me and my brother and sister. Iím the one with more white.

I hope you notice my Mumís beautiful blue eyes.

Daisy May has a back door out of her house to the grassy part where the sheep live. Sometimes she jumps the fence into the back garden and eats the Bossís flowers. Goats are very naughty animals; not like sheepdogs.


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